About the Artist

For over thirty years Roslyn Mazzilli has exhibited extensively and installed over 20 public and private commissioned works throughout the United States. She has a long history of working with architects, engineers, contractors and public art committees in bringing about successful solutions to each unique site.

Mazzilli's work has been well-received both critically and by the public. Often her sculptures have become landmarks for the communities, contributing to civic awareness and a positive sense of place. This enthusiastic response by the viewing audiences is inspired by the forms and colors of her art that bring a quality of liveliness and energy to a site.

She is sensitive to the appropriateness of scale of the sculpture, and through the forms and colors of her art, tries to evoke a life-affirming emotional response. For example, her sculpture "There" in the City Center of downtown Oakland in California answered the observation by writer Gertrude Stein who said of her hometown Oakland, "there is no there there." This work contributed a major focal point of civic pride for the ongoing downtown revitalization.

Roslyn's sculptures are inspired by nature, by her images and endless palette of color. Like natural forms, her sculptures are rhythmically alive, muscular, yet gracefully poised, and seemingly kinetic: like the moment a bird spreads its wings into flight, like petals of a flower fanned to form a blossom, and like movements of dancers swirling in space.

Her work is fabricated of aluminum, steel, and stainless steel elements welded together in sections of various progressions to form spirals and curves. She then paints the surfaces with tough industrial coatings, used in combinations of invigorating colors, and when the groups of structures and sections are locked together they form dynamic three-dimensional compositions. The sculptures emerge energizing their environment with a positive and life-affirming presence.

Mazzilli's public sculptures are interactive, and site evocative. She is inspired by the site, the nearby architecture and the public that will visit. She imagines how the viewer will become a participant, being drawn around the sculpture by the many evolving views, always seeing new perspectives and new combinations of forms. As the sun changes direction, the play of the light produces shadows and reflections across the sculpture and transforms the vividness of the colors as well. There is always something new when considering her art work from their numerous points of view.